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Reviva drink

want to loose weight ? but don't fancy taking diet pills with terrible side effect and weakness, you know that these results never last and you are always back to square 1.. healthy balanced eating is very good but we still have cravings and it is hard to keep with it sometimes.. have you thought why i find it difficult to stick with balanced eating  ?   why i still have cravings ?  why i still have health problems  ?  and the answer is that 




 - if your body craves some food it means it needs it for energy or because it needs nutritional value from it. but have you thought what food we intake, even if we try to stick with healthy balanced diet we do not get with our food what we need. is it just carbohydrates, proteins and fat that we need ? the truth is that our body needs at least 75 minerals and lots of vitamins just to FUNCTION ! and they are essential. with food in supermarket it is very hard be sure what you are getting, as vegetables are grown fast with artificial preservatives and they don't have the same nutritional value.  so when we have a craving it is our body screaming for something that it is missing and usually we are misguided and influenced by advertising so we get smth of the  shelve or a snack bar to give it for the body.  and that is usually some fast food with fat, sugar or even   worse - diet drinks ( that completely disorientates our body) . well, guess what would happen if you have all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.. YOU WOULD FEEL FULL AND HEALTHY. it is scientificly proven that the lack of chromium makes us crave sugar! and then it dis-balances our insulin levels and then follows related  illnesses.  and many more mineral and vitamin deficiency related cravings and illnesses we could list so feel free to contact us for more info.and having a good balance in the body it BOOST YOU ENERGY LEVELS SKY HIGH.  and Reviva drink provides  all these essential minerals to kill cravings and give energy with no caffeine or stimulants added it is made with  such a mix of fiber, vitamins and minerals that is not only huge help in slimming, but as well in detox. as our liver's 2 major functions are to clean blood and synthesis the fat, so if liver is too busy cleaning blood from toxins it has less energy to deal with the fat, that is why detox is so important in loosing weight it is the only organic way to stay healthy and loose weight. it is as well safe to use in order to regulate insulin levels and cholesterol. DOSAGE : can drink it through the day with 3 capfuls mixed in a bottle of water this way you drink it between your main  meals when you feel like snacking. this way you kill cravings and detox

2. or you can use it as meal replacement choosing a higher concentration of the liquid 1-2 capfuls equals 1 meal. this way you get rapid weight loss and stay full of energy and full with vitamins and not draining your body out from all vital ingredients. the best thing is that you can do it when you feel like, e.g. first day replace one meal another day 3 meals then 1 meal you like!


the feeling of being full after meal we all know that it comes after 20 min after eating, because it takes 10-25 min for the fluid (ferments and gastric acid) to be absorbed by the food we put in and then it expands. and the receptors  to be full are at the top of stomach, so if we eat until we feel full after it expands and we make our stomach stretch, and that is bad because then it means everytime we eat we need more food to put in to feel full. but even with one day of not eating or eating very little your stomach shrinks! so that you can fix in one day and to reduce cravings  reviva  can fix:)